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been busy past week so il try up as many tracks as i can from the past week

Wanna see what you think about this video, DONT GO FLAMING AROUND, But me personally I reckon the 'old' peeps should QUIT BITCHING,HACK IT ITS A NEW GENERATION,NEW STYLE! SO LIVE WITH IT.

To Participate in a live show at a small community centre!!!!!
for info email me on thefutureofrnb@hotmail.co.uk
it could get you signed as we will be trying to get sum record label ppl to attend!

Rebstar-Drive (REQUESTED) HOT!

Chris Santiago

Chris Santiago is unquestionably the next leading International Pop Music figure of his generation. His instinctive understanding of love, passion for performing, willingness to take creative risks, and natural charisma is leading Chris down a musical path of artistry and superstardom. Possessing an ability to captivate audiences with his stage presence and soothing vocal ability, Santiago is an artist fiercely proud of his Hispanic roots, but also capable of crossing artistic borders by fusing that international sound with urban-pop music elements. "I don't feel complete, without music in my life. Music has been an escape that has never let me down. The feeling I get when I perform is one that can't be described. There is this rush that goes thru my blood and I'm on a all time high." Chris states enthusiastically Born in the city that never sleeps, New York City, NY on July 1, 1986 Chris was set for stardom at a young age. Santiago grew up in Washington Heights for most of his life. Growing up in a Spanish household Chris listened to various music artist. With favorites ranging from Spanish crooners such as Jose JoseandJuan Luis Guerra to R&B/Pop artist likeJesse Powell and Justin Timberlake. "I recall laying in my bed as my parents thought I was sleeping and listen to the songs and then singing along till I fell asleep". From a young age Chris Santiago would put all of his energy into singing as well performing. At the age of 13, Chris was fortunate to perform at world renowned Carnegie Hall for "Children's Day" with fellow classmates from his Jr. High School, The Broadway Center at M.S. 44. At about the age of 16 Chris then moved to South Bronx were he now resides. "Moving to the South Bronx was in a way a new start for everything in my life. It open my eyes to a world were the streets weren't as friendly and you had to fight to move forward" Chris states. After graduating High School, Chris then being working on future endeavors in the field of music entertainment. "At first I was a young kid with a big dream, now I'm a young man with a goal to takeover." Chris has grown immensely and taking experiences from previously recorded amateur projects with him as a reminder to strive for perfection and to never give up. Chris is now on a steady pathway to live performances, fans, and non-stop challenges. Although it has been a "rollercoaster" as he would call it, it's more of a life-learned lesson that he dreams of every night. Early 2009 will reveal the fruits of this process when Santiago releases his self-penned and co-produced "ECLIPSE", with the responce if his first single the dance track "Highlight" (produced by The Insomniax (JoJo, Frankie J)) released digitally on December 16 has already buzz across mainstream radio and DJ hot

Chris_Santiago-Break_Free__Produced._By_Insomniax HOTT!!

From the gates of love, hate, pain, and sorrow comes the oh so talented and remarkable voice of Feleke'. His God given name speaks for itself.
Unique, different and one of a kind, this 21 yr old is a forced to be reckoned with and ready to take on the world.
Born July, 20 1987 the quirky, complex Cancer (astronomic sign) was meant to be in the visual/performing arts. Very soft spoke, At the age of 12, Feleke wrote his first song, from that point sparked the idea of self expression in a whole new light. Always challenging his self to create stories and make his music more symbolic than the average, he's ready to share a new sound with the upcoming LP "On My Own"...Craving for that recognition of his talents and determined to be what he always dreamed to be, there’s no holding back.
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feleke-kitty kat (prod. by vdub & uniquesound) Hott!!

Hey THERE!!!
Been bit busy l8ly so i aint ad time up anything
(shout out to snipe for postin when i couldnt)
but im back and will be uping track again!

Hi there
i was wondering if there is anybody that is willing to help me on my blog???
you must be gud at getting tracks and be able to update regualy
must also be able to tag music.
so if any one is intrested then send me a email to thefutureofrnb@hotmail.co.uk with the subject as 'help'
thanks in advance

Chip Tha Ripper gets on these 2 beats n spits fire!

Was busy seeing my grandad at the hospital yesterday so here are yesterdays tracks

Asia Cruise-Love Myself

LA Mr. Music-Pop Champagne RMX-Aint Got Champagne

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