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Ok So Here It Is, The Final Black Music Source Mixtape Of 2009 And Probably The Final Mixtape On TheFutureOfRnb.Com This Year. This Mixtape (Hosted By Frankie J) Features 29 Unreleased Tracks For 2009 From Some Of The Hottest Artists Of The Year....So Here It Is.....Enjoy....And Comment On What You Think.....Oh And....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

*Props To BMS*

This song is a must have so get Downloading it!


*Props To The R&B Doctor*

Starting from now we are going to be doing a old but gold track of the week and every post will be a must have download. Every saturday there will be a new video and mp3 download link for your listening, viewing and downloading pleasure.
Enjoy and any feedback, good or bad, would be great.

First up is:

Busta Rhymes Ft. Will.I.Am & Kelis - I Love My Chick

‘Night & Day’ Is Chrishan’s Highly Anticipated 1st Studio Album

01. Night & Day (Intro)
02. Sexy
03. Get It Girl (Ft. J Watts)
04. Revenge (Interlude)
05. U Had It All
06. Gucci Swag
07. Bitch Look At Me Now (Ft. Meech)
08. Fever
09. Bullshit
10. Get Out My Face
11. The Return (Interlude)
12. Sex Playlist
13. Break Ur Heart
14. Screamin’ In The Pillow
15. Mr. One Hitta
16. Slow (Interlude)
17. Bedroom
18. In The Sheets
19. That Shit
20. Trick Look At Me Now (Club Mix)
21. Nothin’ 2 Me

For those who didn't get the Bonus Tracks that have leaked from Mary J. Blige's 2009 Album you can Download them below..

Leaked Bonus Tracks;
Gonna Make It (Ft. Jazmine Sullivan)
Brand New
Stay (Written By Ester Dean)
Bonus Track still to Leak;
Closer (Posted as soon as it Leaks)

*Props To The R&B Doctor*

Uploaded on FileSplash today because DivShare was playing up... you can still Sample them before you Download them though!

2Much - Girl ♥♥♥

Wiley Ft. Cherri V - Favourite Guy (Grime) ♥♥♥ *Must Have*
Willy Northpole Ft. Brian Angel - She's Gonna Get It ♥♥♥ *Must Have*

*Props To TheFutureOfRnB*

This Is Drakes New Artist And He Is Now Also A TheFutureOfRnB Promo Artist!

*You Can Listen To This Track On The Music Player On The Post Below This One*

Dontae - Blind Folded (Shouts) ♥♥♥
James Fauntleroy - Wake Me Up (Jason Derulo Demo) (No Shouts) ♥♥
Jarvis - Blind Folded (Shouts) ♥♥
Le'Che Martin - FX (Ciara Demo) ♥♥♥
Ray Lavender - Public ♥♥♥ *MUST HAVE*
Rihanna Ft. Grafh - Hard (Ted Smooth Remix) ♥♥
Sway - Hard Bodied (Freestyle) (Grime) ♥♥
Toddla T Ft. Sway, Benga & JLS - Beat Again (Remix) (Grime) ♥♥♥ *MUST HAVE*
Wiley - December (Freestyle) (Grime) ♥♥♥

The Re-release of Relapse, titled Relapse: Refill, includes Seven Bonus tracks, including the single "Forever", also featuring Drake, Kanye West & Lil Wayne (previously found on the More Than a Game Soundtrack) and "Taking My Ball" (also released with the DJ Hero video game), and five new tracks.

"I want to deliver more material for the fans this year like I originally planned. Hopefully these tracks on the Refill will tide the fans over until we put out Relapse 2 next year".

The first two songs released are "Elevator" and "Hell Breaks Loose" which were both made available to download on the 15th December 2009. Both songs reached the top ten on the United States iTunes Chart.

Alex James - Anytime ♥♥♥ *Must Have*
Alex James - I Just Wanna ♥♥♥ *Must Have*
Alex James - I Leave It (Taio Cruz Demo) ♥♥♥ *Must Have*
Alex James - Miracle ♥♥♥ *Must Have*
Alex James - My Girl
Alex James - The Truth Is ♥♥♥ *Must Have*
Alex James - Wind Up ♥♥
Damien Fernandez - Dying (Sounds Like Craig David) *Must Have*
Devin Johnson - If I Have You *Must Have*
Devin Johnson - Let's Make A Memory*Must Have*
Devin Johnson - Prescription
J. Holiday - Go Home (Final)
Jackie Boyz Ft. Plies - Bravo (Full/Final/CDQ) *Must Have*
Jyshoun - Late Night
Lady GaGa Ft. Darkchild - Reloaded
Sean Kingston Ft. Sean Paul - Follow Me (Twitter Song, Final)
T-Pain Ft. T-Max - Know Your Name (Mastered)
Taio Cruz - Time Is Up
Tynisha Keli - Blackberry

*Mediafire was slow today so I used DivShare. Atleast you can preview the song before you download though!*

Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Mary J. Blige

*Props To The R&B Doctor*

C music has always been around him. At a young age he was captivated by Eminem when receiving his album "Encore" as a present, ever since then he has had a love for Dr. Dre. In addition A-Rayz was influenced heavily by the Beatles, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, and Michael Jackson, while also enjoying and appreciating the old music of Lil Wayne for his lyrical ability. After listening to a video of Travis Barker remixing AC/DC with Snoop Dogg A-Rayz got an urge for remixing songs, which soon led him to making beats. A-Rayz recently enjoys listening to a variety of music ranging, from rock, rap, classical and is now listening to a lot of underground, non mainstream music. A-Rayz is pushing the boundary, experimenting with new sounds, hoping to break the monotony of mainstream music. Listen to his music and enjoy a fresh new sound mixed with influences ranging from Dr. Dre, Snowgoons, to Chopin, and A.R. Rahman. Not necessarily looking for success A-Rayz just enjoys making music.

Elise 5000's "Everybody Else"Featuring T-Pain has proven to be a favorite among music lovers across the Globe! The song's bouncy swing and light-hearted message has earned Elise 5000 a top spot in the hearts and minds of many music bloggers as well as DJ's. Written by Secret Da Songwriter, "Everybody Else" has also been featured on many mixapes including DJ Femmie Donna's Headliner's Volume 4 and has won the Best Song Pick for the "DJ Femme Presents: The Best Steamy Slow Jams of 2009" Mixtape beating out many MAJOR artists! All in all, Elise 5000's"Everybody Else" Is the song of 2009 and will be the song for 2010 too!! If you haven't heard this record, do so immediately! You can find more info about Elise 5000 at: www.elise5000.blogspot.com or simply type her name in your google search!!!

'Stronger With Each Tear' Is The 9th Studio Album from the Queen Of Hiphop Soul/R&B Mary J. Blige & Is Set for Release on 21st December, 2009

01; Tonight
02; The One (Ft. Drake)
03; Said & Done
04; Good Love (Ft. T.I.)
05; I Feel Good
06; I Am
07; Each Tear
08; I Love You (Yes I Do)
09; We Got Hood Love (Ft. Trey Songz)
10; Kitchen
11; In The Morning
12; Colour (From The Motion Picture 'Precious')


*Bonus Tracks Soon!*

Here Is Another TheFutureOfRnB.Com Exclusive!

Rama - Be The One ♥♥♥ *Must Have*

Here Is The Newest Track From One Of TheFutureOfRnB.Com's Hottest Promo Artist Dean Raven.
Titled 'Day Dream Girl' This Could Be One Of His Best Tracks Yet!
So Download It...Then Let Me Know What You Think Of It By Commenting On It And Maybe Dean Will Respond To Your Comments ;)

Dean Raven - Day Dream Girl ♥♥♥ *Must Have*

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